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The Advent Advantage, (TAA) is an array of specialized business and product development services that provides sales, marketing, and whole product solutions for high-tech companies that want to sell to government and military customers. Our proven processes align client technology and engineering capabilities with government and military “capability gaps” and down year Program of Records (PORs), where “all sustainable sales occur.” Without proper technology alignment and business development processes many technologies miss the target, leaving entrepreneurs and investors frustrated and fatigued.

Private industry develops some of the world’s most innovative technology, yet access to government or military “Programs of Record” remains elusive. The Advent Group, “TAG,” has developed a proven process that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to plan, budget, and execute in this complex environment.

It all begins with a business development strategy and a product or service that fills an identified “capability gap” required by a select government or military customer. Even with professional business development assistance, the Government Accountability Office, (GAO) Report number GAO-15-421 identifies that only fifty percent (50%) of all development activities result in inclusion to a Program of Record, (POR).

Increase your probability of success, using The Advent Group, LLC, an SDVO small business as your business development partner. Process Document Here